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35 years old
Living in United Kingdom
Has visa
Visa : EU
Currently in UK

Has driver licence since 5 months and will want to drive in UK
Currently unemployed
Is a swimmer
Is trainned for first-aid
Work experience : CHILDCARE 3 YEARS

My name is María and I´m 26 years old. I live in Spain with my family. My family is: my mum (who is remarried), her husband and my brother (22 years old) and my sister (24 years old). My mother is teacher, my brother is dietitian and my sister is physiotherapist. I am a nurse but now Spain is very difficult to find a job so I want to go UK to improve my English. In my free time I like to go out with my friend and read.. I love the books and help my mum with housework. I love cooking and walking. I also love movies and music. I am a person who really likes children. I consider myself responsible, loving, affectionate, honest and reliable, hardworking, flexible and patient and likeable person I have experience in child care so I think I´m qualified for this job. I would like to work as an au pair because I love children. I want to improve my English and make a new experience. It is an opportunity to learn the culture of a to me new country, and meet new friend. If you choose me, I can assure, I will be the best and my first prioriti will be your children, their safe, school project and they in general... I love children and I know what they need. I use my own initiative but if I am honest... initially I wait you understand that I ask you before decide something because I want to trate your children how you want... you are your parent and I understand that each family is a world and I want to do my job the best. My experience with the car is always manual, I know you don´t ask about that but I think it´s important you know about that. I´ve never used automatic cars and I've never had any accidents. I can say I am a very responsible and good driver but I tell you that I have no experience in UK ... lthough I think I can drive very well. (If it´s a needs) My experience with children: My neighbors have two children, Manuel (5 years old) and Nicholas (2 years old). I care for them on the weekends and sometimes (a lot) during the day and evening (especially the smaller, nicolas). The time I spend with them usually do many things. As Manuel goes to school I help him do homeworkd while nicholas watch cartoons, play (near to me) or paint... he loves paint.Sometimes, manuel go to play football, then, Nicolas and me go to the park and play. He loves to play with other children. Other times, we go together (Manuel, Nicolas and me). I can say too that my aunt has a nursery, and sadly, I do not work right now (I'm a nurse) I help her with the kids some days ... I love playing with them. I believe that my education, my experience with my neighbors and my university practices with children bring me enough knowledge to do this job.


Will come the 01/01/2013
Will stay for summer
For 1 years


Good english
Studied english for 3 years

My Services

Would like to be placed as Housekeeper
Cooking for families


Happy to care for children of any age
Don't mind if family is made of one parent
Will want to study
Want to be placed in London


Has no medical issues
Has no pet allergies
Is not asthmatic
Is not diabetic
Is not epileptic
Has no criminal record
Is not smoker


Had siblings
Occupation of mother : TEACHER
Occupation of father : DIED
Has no tatoo
Has no piercing