profile picture

32 years old
Living in United Kingdom
Has no visa
Currently in UK

Environmental science
Has no driver licence
Currently employed
Is not a swimmer
Is trainned for first-aid
Work experience : Tesco checkout
Childcare experience : 3.5 years, live-in

Dear Family, My name is Beata. I'm a 28 years old female from Siofok, Hungary. I studied environmental science at university before I came to the UK in 2011 to be an au pair which I've been doing since. My parents are divorced, my father is a car mechanic and I have two half-sisters on his side. My mother is a shop assistant, she raised me with the help of my grandparents. As much as I love environmental science, I realised that my true profession is childcare. I'm considering becoming a nursery assistant or primary school teacher one day, and I’ve already done a couple of childcare courses. Meanwhile I would like to keep working as a live-in au pair/nanny. I also volunteer at my local library, I help running rhyme time for babies and toddlers. I’ve been an au pair for about three and a half years for a wonderful family with three children. The kids are older now so they no longer need me to look after them. In my free time I knit and crochet a lot and I'd like to design complex patterns and run workshops eventually. I also like reading, writing fiction and cooking among other things. I love languages, I recently began studying Korean on my own. I’m currently living in London so available for interview. I would like to live with a hostfamily for at least twelve months, but preferably longer. I’ve been looking after children aged four and older so this is the age group I’d prefer. I’m happy to do housework and I love pets so they’d be absolutely no problem. If you would like to know any more information please feel free to contact me. Yours sincerely, Beata


Will come the 16/05/2015
Will stay for summer
For 2 years


Fluent english
Studied english for 6 years
Other languages : German

My Services

Would like to be placed as Housekeeper
Basic cooking


Don't mind if family is made of one parent
Want to be placed in London


Has no medical issues
Has no pet allergies
Is not asthmatic
Is not diabetic
Is not epileptic
Has no criminal record
Is not smoker


Had siblings
Occupation of mother : Shop assistant
Occupation of father : Car mechanic
Has no tatoo
Has no piercing