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29 years old
Living in Spain
Has visa
Visa : EVO
Not currently in UK

Civil Engineering
Has driver licence since 4 months
Currently studying
Is a swimmer
Is not trainned for first-aid
Work experience : I have worked directly with the public a few months
Childcare experience : I've spent the last three summers working as a volunteer with chilndren without resources

My name is Raquel and I'm a 23 year-old girl from the Basque Country who has almost finished studying Civil Engineering. Since I was a child I've been learning English and I'm still very keen on continue doing it. I'm a very fortunate person because I've got a wonderful and enormous family with whom I'm used to spend a lot of time. In addition, I'm a travel lover and I have spent this last year in Italy. That provided me the opportunity to learn italian and to live by me own. I don't care having to do household chores and I'm quite good at cooking. I would like to find a family and become part of it as if the members of the family were my second family. I'm a very dynamic, responsible, funny, talkative and smiling person. I travel as much as I can, I've been in England, Italy, Canada, Hungary, France and Portugal. I've also been working during 3 years as a volunteer carer taking care from children who couldn't afford to pay for a summer-camp. It was a very gratifying experience I will never forget. Moreover, I usually I look after my younger cousins. I really enjoy doing handicrafts with them!!! Apart from that, doing all kind of sport is my biggest hobby: running, dancing, cycling,skiing... The only important thing is having a good time! The main reason to work as an au-pair is to improve my English level, to know another culture (foods, traditions, fondnesses, people in general...) and to travel a little bit more. Taking advantage of my experience working with kids, I think I not only could be a perfect au-pair candidate but also one more member of the family.


Will come the 05/06/2016
Won't stay for summer
For 6 months


Fluent english
Studied english for 6 years
Other languages : Spanish, Italian

My Services

Would like to be placed as Au Pair
Cooking for families


Don't mind if family is made of one parent
Will want to study
Want to be placed in A Town


Has no medical issues
Has no pet allergies
Is not asthmatic
Is not diabetic
Is not epileptic
Has no criminal record
Is not smoker


Had siblings
Occupation of mother : Administrative assistant
Occupation of father : Salesperson
Has no tatoo
Has piercing