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25 years old
Living in United Kingdom
Has visa
Visa : youth mobility visa
Currently in UK

year twelve schooling
Has driver licence since 3 months and will want to drive in UK
Currently employed
Is not a swimmer
Is trainned for first-aid
Work experience : I am currently an aupair in Buckinghamshire UK
Childcare experience : As stated above a current Aupair with childcare history

Please keep in mind this was written prior to my job in Buckinghamshire. I am looking to relocate due to an unhappy environment. *Dear family letter was written in September 2014* Hello, My name is Eliza I am an 18 year old Australian girl who is currently studying Year Twelve. After finishing Year Twelve in November 2014, I want to pursue my passion for working with children. That is why I am applying to be your Au Pair in 2015. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but before commencing study at university I have decided to take at least a year off to take a break from study, and hopefully work with children. I live in the small country town of Crystal Brook in South Australia with my parents Steve and Carolyn, and younger sister Tori. My older brother Zac moved away from home two years ago to join the military and is currently working in Darwin, Australia. I have had many babysitting jobs in the past and have taken on the role of looking after children from a wide age group. Living in a small town is difficult for parents as there is often a lack of available babysitters. Making myself available after school and on weekends was a great way for me to gain experience and confidence working with children. Whilst babysitting I enjoy entertaining the children, before I will cook them dinner, help them with their homework and finally tuck them into bed. Once the children are asleep, I generally keep myself busy by doing house work for the family. As you can see I am more than happy to assist you with not only child care, but cooking, cleaning and any other jobs you require as well. My hobbies include cooking, photography, playing sport, spending time with my friends and working with children. I have enjoying cooking growing up and have spent a lot of time in the kitchen. This has given me confidence in the kitchen which will be beneficial in your home. My love of cooking has followed me right through my schooling, as I have always studied home-economics and I have completed my certificate one in both hospitality and food processing. I’ve played sport my whole life. In a small country town being part of local sporting clubs is a great way to meet new people and be involved with the community. I have played a range of sports including basketball, netball, tennis and swimming. Once I was too old for the junior basketball competition in our town I decided to get involved with coaching. This was a great opportunity for me as I gained valuable confidence. This coaching experience over two seasons of basketball taught me how to meet the needs of many children at once while teaching them new skills. Another interest of mine is photography, as I love to capture special moments between families and friends. I hope that while I’m part of your family you would be happy for me to continue with this, as it something I enjoy thoroughly. I have always wanted to travel and see more of the world and being an Au Pair in the UK seems like the perfect way to combine this with working with children. I am looking forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your family in 2015. Eliza


Will come the 04/03/2015
Will stay for summer
For 2 years


Fluent english
Studied english for 6 years
Other languages : na

My Services

Would like to be placed as Au Pair
Cooking for families


Happy to care for children of any age
Don't mind if family is made of one parent while it's a mother
Want to be placed in London


Has no medical issues
Has no pet allergies
Is not asthmatic
Is not diabetic
Is not epileptic
Has no criminal record
Is not smoker


Had siblings
Occupation of mother : Police officer
Occupation of father : Police Officer
Has no tatoo
Has no piercing