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27 years old
Living in Czech Republic
Has no visa
Not currently in UK

Bussines academy
Has driver licence since 2 months and will want to drive in UK
Currently unemployed
Is a swimmer
Is trainned for first-aid
Work experience : .
Childcare experience : .

Dear future family, I want to take this opportutinty to tell you a little more about me and where I live. My name is Nicol and I am a 20 years old girl from Jeseník in Czech republic. My parents got divorced. I live together with my mother (40) and my sister (17). My mother works as a blue-collar in electronic industry and my sister is a student of business academy. We are a pretty large family, I have 7 cousins of which I am the oldest one. My passion is travelling. I have been until now in Italy,Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Croatia. I would describe myself as reliable, tolerant, caring, helpful and friendly. I'm trying to make the best in every situation. I finished my high school in September and I didn't continue with my college because I wanted to have one or two years free for my trip to Great Britain, to see a land and to learn the language and then to go on some college. My experience with children started with my cousins when I was only 14, because their parents had to work so I took care about my cousins. Through this period I learned everything about children. I decided to take care about them because I needed money for my trips. I like travel. But at the same time I started to love these children like they are my own blood. What I did with the children? Giving them a bath, playing with them, changing nappies, changing a clothes, taking them to school, circus, theatre, playground, parks to play with other children, playing with cars, puzzle, legos, watching cartoons, feeding them, taking them to doctor, going shopping, in warmer months taking them outside and to swimming pools, prepare dinner or breakfast, read a book. I would like to know the British way of the life and different cultures, spending an exciting year abroad and primarily of course the time I'm going to spend with the children and the experience of an eventful year with you and your children. I couldn't imagine a life without children. I love to see them smiling and their shining eyes on Christmas, enthusiasm if they learned something new and their imaginative idea of the World. I hope we can develop a good relationship and work and live together as a family. I'm looking forward to talking to you.


Will come the 10/11/2014
Will stay for summer
For 1 years


Sligh english
Studied english for 0 years
Other languages : german

My Services

Would like to be placed as Au Pair
Cooking for babies


Happy to care for children of any age
Don't mind if family is made of one parent
Want to be placed in London


Has no medical issues
Has no pet allergies
Is not asthmatic
Is not diabetic
Is not epileptic
Has no criminal record
Is not smoker


Had siblings
Occupation of mother : woman worker in factory
Has no tatoo
Has no piercing