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26 years old
Living in Romania
Has visa
Visa : Romanian passport
Not currently in UK

High Scool, Baccalaureate 2011
Has driver licence since 1 months and will want to drive in UK
Currently studying
Is a swimmer
Is trainned for first-aid
Work experience : I worked Aupair in Italy three months and in Russia seven months.
Childcare experience : I worked a lot with children and I can tell it's not the hardest thing in the world. It is even more enjoyable than all.

My name is Victor. I am 21 years old, and I am a films student at the Arts Academy in Republic of Moldova. I study Directing and Editing. It's a complicated profession, but I work very hard. I've been taught by my parents that being sedulous and willing will get you anywhere. But I am also very grateful to another person, who taught me patience and hard work. For a few years an exchange student lived with us, and I still think of them fondly. I was in my formative years, and I felt like I needed someone to guide me. He taught me that the best ways are not always the easiest , he helped me discover my affinity for sports like tennis and football, he even taught me how to swim and speak Russian. He was always there to protect me, but more importantly he taught me to stand up for myself. I became who I am today, mostly in virtue of his efforts, and I hope that I could also be that guy for somebody. I am not saying that I'm necessarily the best candidate for your child, but I just wish I could pass on what I've learned,to be at least half as good as the one whom I grew to love as my older brother.


Will come the 01/05/2014
Will stay for summer
For 1 years 6 months


Sligh english
Studied english for 0 years
Other languages : Russian, Italian, French

My Services

Would like to be placed as Au Pair
Basic cooking
No ironing


Don't mind if family is made of one parent
Will want to study
Want to be placed in AnyWhere


Has no medical issues
Has no pet allergies
Is not pregnant
Is not asthmatic
Is not diabetic
Is not epileptic
Has no criminal record
Is not smoker


Had siblings
Occupation of mother : Romanian language teacher
Occupation of father : Theater director
Has no tatoo
Has no piercing