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Living in Fleet (Hampshire)
A Town near London
Daniel - 8 - boy
Luca - 11 - girl
Ben - 13 - boy

One parent family
Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Family time, cycling, football, dog walking, weekends away, camping etc

The au pair would live with the mother of the children, but would look after the children for periods at the fathers home also (wrap around school hours) - the two homes are less then 2km apart and parents have a good relationship. The older children are fairly self sufficient, but an au pair is needed to be around when the children are back from school and to collect and drop off the youngest child from school


Begin 26/10/2013
Needed for 6 months


Require a housekeeper
Daily duties : I am looking for an au pair to live with the mother of the children, but care for the children when they are at both their mothers house and their fathers house (the houses are about 2km apart). The role would including walking the youngest child to and from school and care for him till 6pm on most days of the week, whilst being responsible for the older children when they are at home (as they are a lkittle more independent as they are not both at secondary school). The au pair would 'live' at the mothers house.
Applicant will have sole charge of the children
More details : one hour before school most mornings, and two hours after school most afternoons, with the occasional evening care. Weekends would be free time
Weekly salary : £75
5 days of work per week
25 hours per week
Apllicant will be free at the weekend

Au Pair preferences

Wouldn't consider a male au pair
Would prefer a driver
Won't have to use the Family Car
Would prefer a non smoker
1 evenings babysitting per week


4 bedrooms
3 bathroomss
1 garden
Dogs (at fathers home)
No cleaner or any help available
Applicant will have their own room
Applicant won't have their own bathroom


Distance from public transports : less than 1 Mile
There are facilities to study English part time in our area