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British and American
Living in Burnham on Sea (Somerset)
A Town
Dylan - 7 - boy
Bailey - 6 - girl

Christian - non practicing
Two parent family
Manager British Telecom
Owner/Proprietor Hair/Beauty Salon
Reading, watching movies, dog walking, spending time at the beach (less than 1 kilometer)

We are a lovely family, two children girl (6) and boy (7) in a quiet area only 25 mins drive from Bristol airport.  We have had an au-pair previously but she has just advised us that she has found another job that pays more money and is leaving us in March, we will stay in touch as she is wonderful and loves the kids, us and our dogs and cat. Prospective candidate won't have to pay for any hair services  cut/colour etc. :O)  Oh and we have wireless broadband too


Begin 08/07/2013
Needed for 1 years


Require a housekeeper
Daily duties : Wake children up in the morning for breakfast at 8am, get them ready for school, walk them to school (parents drive when weather bad). Return home tidy kids rooms, vacuum and mop (every other day). Collect kids from school, play with them, get them snacks for them, bath them (every other day). Sit down to dinner with us at 6.30 and then her time is her own.
Applicant won't have sole charge of the children
More details : never happened yet
Weekly salary : £60
5 days of work per week
25 hours per week
Apllicant will be free at the weekend

Au Pair preferences

Wouldn't consider a male au pair
Wouldn't prefer a driver
Will have to use the Family Car
Would prefer a non smoker
1 evenings babysitting per week


4 bedrooms
3 bathroomss
1 garden
Small dogs - Pomeranians
No cleaner or any help available
Applicant will have their own room
Applicant will have their own bathroom


Distance from public transports : less than 1 Mile
There are facilities to study English part time in our area