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Living in Aberdeen (Scotland.UK)
A Town
Danielle - 16 - girl

Two parent family

I am looking for someone to fill  a possition as a Live-in housekeeper/a carer assistant to me. Nine years ago I had a accident that left me paralysed. I am now fourty seven years old and live in Aberdeen, Scotland. Before I have had seven girls from all over the world work for me all the girls are still here in Aberdeen or Scotland and remain good friends.

Here is a rough outline of the requirements that I will be looking for someone to do. As you can see the hours worked are negotiable and very flexible, basically I would only require someone to be around the house periodically. Mainly for a couple of hours in the afternoon, also to be available to give me my supper at 6pm approx. And there from a few hours in the evening until the evening carers arrive at 10:00pm. This however is not definite hours and can be arranged to suit everyone involved.
Hope this is of some help to you, if you need anymore info don't hesitate to contact me



Begin 23/07/2013
Needed for 6 months


Require a housekeeper
Daily duties : Housekeeper and Personal Assistant
Applicant won't have sole charge of the children
Weekly salary : £140
5 days of work per week
40 hours per week
Apllicant won't be free at the weekend

Au Pair preferences

Wouldn't consider a male au pair
Wouldn't prefer a driver
Won't have to use the Family Car
Don't mind if applicant is a smoker
0 evenings babysitting per week


4 bedrooms
2 bathroomss
1 garden
No pets
No cleaner or any help available
Applicant will have their own room
Applicant will have their own bathroom


Distance from public transports : less than 1 Mile
There are facilities to study English part time in our area