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Living in Stockton-On-Tees (Cleveland)
A Town
Busonma - 8 - girl
Chiemy - 9 - boy
Gift - 7 - girl

Two parent family
Will prefer a female and christian, who can speak some English

The applicant must be friendly and hardworking. We will be happy to extend the contract to au-pair plus and pay the extra fees. We all speak very good English. We go to church on sundays and midweek, and will prefer a christian who can take the kids to church if needed.


Begin 01/02/2015
Needed for 1 years


Require an au pair+
Daily duties : Get the kids ready for school, pick kids up from school (two minutes walk), prepare and assist kids with meals, school homeworks and bedtime activities, take kids for activities (church activities, parties, parks etc), washing and ironing, cleaning.
Applicant won't have sole charge of the children
More details : during the school holidays and when I am at work - please send your file directly to : me.
Weekly salary : £100
5 days of work per week
35 hours per week
Apllicant will be free at the weekend

Au Pair preferences

Wouldn't consider a male au pair
Wouldn't prefer a driver
Won't have to use the Family Car
Would prefer a non smoker
2 evenings babysitting per week


5 bedrooms
3 bathroomss
1 garden
Cleaner or any help available
Applicant will have their own room
Applicant won't have their own bathroom


Distance from public transports : less than 1 Mile
There are facilities to study English part time in our area