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Living in Monmouth (Monmouthshire)
A Town
Lucinda - 16 - girl
Kelland - 12 - boy

Two parent family
Business Consultant

As my children are 12 and 16 are very self reliant,  I am really looking for someone to be a available for them when I am away on business for typically up to 7 days at a time. During the time I am there, then naturally you would work less hours, but I will pay the same rate for the week. Please call me on mobile or e-mail for a quick response.


Begin 28/07/2013
Needed for 1 years


Require a housekeeper
Daily duties : As my children are 16 and 12, the primary requirement is for my children to have someone be available for them when I am away on business.
Regarding daily duties, these would be light:

1 Breakfast (cereal etc)
2 Lunch (during school holidays - sandwiches)
3. Supper
4. Dishwashing (via dishwasher)
5. Laundry (no ironing)via washing/dryer
6. Shopping for basic food/household items

Applicant will have sole charge of the children
More details : When away on business; could be up to 7 days at a time
Weekly salary : £100
5 days of work per week
25 hours per week
Apllicant won't be free at the weekend

Au Pair preferences

Wouldn't consider a male au pair
Would prefer a driver
Won't have to use the Family Car
Would prefer a non smoker
2 evenings babysitting per week


4 bedrooms
2 bathroomss
1 garden
One Cat
Cleaner or any help available
Applicant will have their own room
Applicant won't have their own bathroom


Distance from public transports : less than 1 Mile
There are facilities to study English part time in our area