Our applicants are from the European Community and elligible to work anywhere in the United Kingdom without the need to apply for a visa. We like to keep the recruitment easy for our Families.

Families need to be aware that recruiting an au pair, housekeeper or carer from a country outside the EEC involves a lot of extra knowledge to unsure these applicants can work in the UK legally and comply with UK immigration rules.

We only add applicants to the website who are from the European Union, are elligible to work in the UK, adhere to immigration rules. Each profile is vetted and validated only once we are satisfied it adheres to our code of practice.

We specialise in finding the best candidate for you. We are much more than an Online Agency: based in the UK, we are easily contactable and our new matching score system guarantees you get the most suitable au pair, carer or housekeeper for your Family.

If you are having any issues with the website please contact us
"I like the control Great Aupairs gives me. I choose who, how long for and... I can limit my search to those already in UK" there is always someone to talk to by scheduling a call back

Mrs Newton 
March 2016


This is a fantastic system to surely recruit your Greataupair at an affordable membership price. Setting the highest standards in UK Au Pair Service, www.greataupairs.co.uk has been successfully placing au pairs, carers and housekeepers in the UK since 1997. 

Families can join our Bronze, Silver or Gold Memberships or our New Exclusive Personalised Platinum Service

1. Get started. Create your profile. It's free and secure
2. Select candidates. Start searching for your au pair click "For Families"
3. Interview and hire. You will need a paying membership 

Our Agency is based in England unlike other Agencies we do not take monthly payments we only charge one small membership fee.

Au Pairs

We have families from all over the UK waiting to get in touch. It is free of charge to register if you are already in the UK or from one of the 27 EEC countries.

1. Get started. Create your profile. It's free and easy
2. Contact families. Prepare to send your file. Start searching
3. Wait for a response. Get hired. Start searching for your ideal family

Got questions? Ask away!

Things to Ask When Interviewing an Au Pair

thumbnail In order to find the perfect au pair for you there are a few questions and topics you should discuss when interviewing them. Here at Great Au Pairs we will help match the right au pair for you with our comprehensive search system. Have a look at our section for families, and sign up today.

Childcare experience

Perhaps one of the first things you might ask a potential au pair is about any previous childcare experience. Although it is not necessary for an au pair to have had formal training, it can be more reassuring if they have had at least some experience looking after children.


Au pairing requires patience and the ability to mentor children. Ask if they have any younger siblings or family members, or have ever done any babysitting for a friend or neighbour. Understanding any problems they may have faced and how they managed them can be particularly valuable.


Family life

Leading on from the previous point, it is nice idea to get to know about your potential au pair’s family…
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Lotus Childrens Home Nepal

thumbnail Nepal appeal greataupairs is fundraising for the Lotus Children Home Nepal after the earthquake on saturday 25th April we need money to provide shelter, water, sanitation etc.. all the money will directly go to Nepal. Thank you for your kind donations.

Link to the gofundme page : http://www.gofundme.com/greataupairs-co-uk

The Lotus Childrens Home Nepal is an orphanage run like a big family.
My son visited the orphanage on his gap year in 2011 and sent me a text which said "mummy, they have no water, no electricity, they have nothing and they are so happy, I cannot do very much for them but may be you can" He was 18.
He is now 22 and we keep on doing this work together.
One month later I arrived in Kathmandu and since then I have been back every year.
They need so much love and to know they are not forgotten.
Their landlady takes away everything they have, she steals the water from the well,  she rents the yard to a garage so the children have nowhere to play.
The money I raise pays…
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The Ultimate Guide to Childcare

thumbnail Childcare is a crucial element to bringing up any child in the UK - whether you need full time or part time child care the types and costs can be confusing.

The ultimate guide to childcare provides a range of helpful resources to give you all the options in one place - helping you to make the decision of what type of childcare is best for your child.
If your unsure of what's best for your child's upbringing (lets face it - who isn't!) then checking all your childcare options is a must.

The Best Guide to the Most Useful Childcare Resources in the UK

From looking at which childcare option is best for your child, to childcare costs and when the right time to go back to work is - we have got you covered!


Which Childcare Option is the best?

Where can I get help with childcare costs?

Should I go back to work?

Chapter 1

Which Childcare Option is the best for my child?

Your family are the best people you can speak to about childcare - their own working hours can make all the…

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Tips For Coping With Cultural Stress

thumbnail Life as an au pair can be challenging even at the best of times. Fitting into a new culture is both tough but exciting. Don’t let feelings of stress and anxiety get in the way with our top tips straight from Great Au Pairs. We know how important the role of an au pair is as well as the responsibilities; follow our expert advice so you can have a great au pair experience.


The process of cultural stress usually follows a consistent pattern of the four ‘F’s:

  • Fun – the initial excitement and desire for adventure and new experiences.

  • Flight – disorientation to your unknown surroundings, resulting in avoiding different things.

  • Fight – the temptation to pass judgements and assumptions, seeing the experience negatively.

  • Fit – adapting to the new culture by actively interacting and so becoming a part of it.


So how can you cope with cultural stress?



Build Relationships

Living and working as an au pair with a host family will introduce you to new people. Developing a strong…
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5 Things To Do In Edinburgh All Year Round

thumbnail Edinburgh is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the UK so if you are planning to au pair in Scotland, make sure you take a trip to Edinburgh at some point. With so many things to do and see, there’s something for all tastes. At Great Au Pairs, we can help you find the best placement in the UK so that you have a great learning experience.



Stand tall in Edinburgh Castle

One of the biggest and most popular tourist attractions in the city, it is definitely worth visiting this rather grand old building. The castle shows off Edinburgh’s rich history and there are even many actor-led historical tours between the stone walls, dotted throughout the year. There are smaller attractions within the castle too such as palace halls and St Margaret’s Chapel.


Look out over the city on the Edinburgh hills

Scotland is well known for its vast landscapes and luscious green hills. Give yourself a few hours to climb up the Edinburgh hills. The view from the top will totally be worth the…
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Top 5 British Cities To Visit

thumbnail Wherever you end up being positioned in the UK as an au pair with your host family, there will always be the chance to have a break to visit other areas. Take the whole family with you and arrange a day or weekend trip to one of these top five British cities. Here at Great Au Pair we know the importance of making the most of your time in the UK so get out there and see the sights our country has to offer!




Home to one of the UK’s top universities and indeed one of the top five in the world, Cambridge is a truly scholarly city. King’s College Chapel and the Cambridge University Library stand tall across the skyline, as well as the spires of the Catholic Church. Visit the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum, which has a famous collection of art and antiques throughout history. The city has various galleries including the contemporary art gallery Kettle’s Yard. Also during the warmer months a walk along the canal is lovely as is a visit to the…
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