About me: My name is Eve I am a Mother. I started this website because as a working parent I was put in a desperate situation when I needed someone reliable to look after my toddler. Our prime concern is the safety of your child and to find someone responsible and who can communicate effectively. We have been successfully placing au pairs in the United Kingdom since 1997.

We specialise in finding the best candidate for you. We are much more than an Online Agency: based in the UK, we are easily contactable and our new matching score system guarantees you get the most suitable au pair, carer or housekeeper for your Family.

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"I like the control Great Aupairs gives me. I choose who, how long for and... I can limit my search to those already in UK"
Mrs Nweke
September 2013


This is a fantastic system to surely recruit your Greataupair at an affordable membership price. Setting the highest standards in UK Au Pair Service, www.greataupairs.co.uk has been successfully placing au pairs, carers and housekeepers in the UK since 1997. Families have been coming back to us for the past 17 years.

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We have families from all over the UK waiting to get in touch. It is free of charge to register if you are already in the UK or from one of the 27 EEC countries.

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What to put in a welcome pack for an au pair

thumbnail As a host family there are various things you can do to make your au pair settle in the family sooner. One thing you might be interested in is creating a welcome pack filled with useful items the au pair will find handy. Do not go to over the top with a welcome pack, just put some of these suggestions in a file or a folder.

  • Maps of the local area – Street maps will be handy to help your au pair find their way around the local neighbourhood. A street A-Z is not a bad idea, at least this way they will have some point of reference.

  • Places to go, things to see –
  • Travel information –
  • A list of house rules –
  • Letters from the children – Build instant rapport with the au pair, ask the children to write them a letter or draw a few friendly pictures, it’ll make them feel welcome in a strange setting.

  • Details of payment –

This is just a basic welcome pack to help your au pair out when they first arrive at your home. Fresh flowers in their room, a small box of chocolates as…

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What is the difference between an au pair and a nanny?

thumbnail Confused about your childcare options? School holidays are fast approaching and even the pre schools and nurseries are closing for the summer. If you work, then the prospect of long school holidays can be daunting. In today’s blog we are looking at the difference between au pairs and nannies.

  1. Nannies

Nannies are childcare professionals who have chosen to look after children as a career. Nannies do not perform household chores unless expressly agreed in the contract. If you expect this of the nanny then you will need to specify that you someone who will be both nanny and housekeeper.

Nannies may or may not be a native of the country they work in but will predominantly speak only the language of the host country while working unless otherwise specified.

You should be very clear about the responsibilities you require the child minder to take on. Nannies will usually do everything to service the children such as cooking their meals, helping with homework and tidying up their mess…
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